Wait… it’s March already!?

I’m not sure how it happened, but the year has really slipped away quickly. It’s not all that long since I said I was about to change careers, and I’ve been in that new job for 2 weeks now! Where on earth did that time go?

I hadn’t planned on it, but a significant chunk got eaten up trying to leave my old job. My intention was to slowly back away from tasks, so that the team would get a feel for what it’d be like without me there. Haha, so much for that idea. I ended up working right through to my final afternoon.

Then there’s the new job. I’ve never been so happy to feel so useless! I know a fair amount about information security, but I had no idea until now just how much I didn’t know. Which, not surprisingly, turns out to be bucket loads. At least I have a fantastic boss and mentor, and she’s doing a great job of whipping me into shape.

If nothing else, things feel like they’re going to start getting easier. My brain is starting to adjust to the monumental amounts of learning and things are feeling a little less foreign. I hope that translates into slightly more regular blog posts.


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